6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Blog’s Social Media Shares (and What WordPress Plugins I Use To Generate More Shares)

boost your social media shares

Are you struggling with getting more shares from social media? Do you want more people sharing your content across social channels? Well, these tips and advice can work in any niche, but you have to spend a little time to dig deep in order to find what works the best for you. In this article you’ll discover how to use your blog to improve social media shares on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

1. Add Social Media Sharing Buttons

First and most important is that you use the right plugins for your blog in order to make your visitor share your content easily. Many bloggers use social plugins but there are a few different ways to improve your blog if you want to make it shareable. So basically you need to give them a chance at increasing your social media shares.

Make sure you have the right social media plugin uploaded to your site. For instance a floating social media plugin can increase your shares and traffic with 27% so you can A/B test which works the best for you and your site. My personal favorite plugins for social sharing are Flare and Shareaholic, they look really nice and they work very smoothly. Besides this I suggest you to pick three or four (at most) social media sites that works for you and just use those where you are an active member.​

floating social bar

2. Include Quality Images in Your Blog Post

These days the internet is all about images. Pinterest, Facebook, Google plus they all like nice pictures, that means you should have them in your blog post that will inspire your readers to share your content across all of these sites.

If you are in the niche (let’s say fashion or health) where you can create awesome custom images with useful data and you are not afraid to use it on you site then I highly recommend you to install Sumome, on top of being an excellent lead generation plugin, it also has an image sharing option that allows your visitors to share your images on different social networks in just 1 click.

blog post custom image

What makes an attractive image? Something that’s clean, professional and includes text that explains what your post is about.

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Tip: Make sure you know your audience before start using Pinterest for your blog because 80 % of Pinterest users are female, so tech or business related things won’t work there.

3. Use Quotes and Twitter for Better Results

If you want to promote your blog post via Twitter and you want to add something that is worth sharing and it also adds value to your audience then check out Click To Tweet which allows you to create beautiful “Click To Tweet boxes” anywhere in your blog post so people can tweet your quote or your tips with one click from the body of the article.

click to tweet

4. Link, Quote Experts in Your Niche (and Outreach!)

This is more of a content marketing tactic but it’s a good way to generate more followers and more shares to your newly created blog post. Once I created an article including the 15 most motivational people to follow on Twitter and I put their Twitter account into the post. When I published the article I immediately outreached to those people saying: “Hey, I just created a blog post that has the most motivational people to follow on Twitter and since I love the things that you do, I included your profile as well. I hope it’s not a problem”. This created a so called ego-bait and these people shared my article via their social media accounts. It generated traffic to my site and it also gained a couple of followers as well.

5. Trade Content for Shares

Nowadays many websites use popup plugins for gaining followers from Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. It’s a great way to increase your followers but sometimes people find it too pushy. So what I suggest is to use (or at least try) a plugin that is called Social Locker that allows you to lock a content in your blog post and it requires the people to share it before they can read it.

social locker

Tip: Do NOT lock the whole content just only a part of it. So for instance write a very interesting article about “Budget Travel Tips That You Never Heard Before” and at the end offer something like “My personal favorite traveling apps that I always use for saving money while traveling”. So for them in order to see this content, they need to share the article on their social media account. Very cool right?

6. Schedule and Feed Your Accounts Regularly

Hootsuite is a social media management system that allows you to schedule your post. It helps you keep track and manage your many social network channels. It enables you to monitor what people are saying about your brand and help you respond instantly. As I mentioned earlier it is really important to feed your social media accounts regularly with quality content and this little tool is perfect for that.


The good thing about Hootsuite is that you can schedule your weekly posts once a week and you are good to go. You can also automatically queue messages (for optimal posting times) from within the dashboard.

With a few of these above mentioned plugins, featuring shareable, quality images and some strategy, people will be sharing your content in no time. Just remember, every share or interaction can lead to a new fan! Of course without a well researched and informative article this won’t work, so make sure that you have a high quality content on your site first and after you can think about plugins and these tactics.

If you have any social media plugin that is missing from this post and you want to tell us about it, feel free to leave a comment and let us know in the comment section below.

About the Author

This post was written by David Kovacs who is a young entrepreneur and an inbound marketing, social media enthusiast from Hungary and loves to share his tips and tricks on various channels.

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