About Us

Who we are

Hi, Gael Breton here, CEO of Growth Pulse. If you believe in the power of inbound marketing, but are struggling to actually make it happen for your business, Growth Pulse can help you.

We provide a range of service from one off site reviews and content projects to ongoing consulting and campaign executions that can match your ambitions and your budget.

While our forte is in content marketing, we are able to provide our clients with a full range of inbound and online marketing services ranging from SEO to Adwords management and social media management.

We also produce a number of free articles, videos and audio ​to share our knowledge and expertise. If you're interested in free resources that can truly help your business, I highly suggest you sign up to our newsletter.

Gael Breton, CEO of Growthpulse

What we believe in

We constantly communicate with the people we work with

We're in this for the long run and if you've decided to work with us, we want to get to know you, your business and your customers. It's not unusual for our account managers to pick up the phone and just casually catch up about your projects and campaigns.

This both allows you to know what's going on without having to chase anyone and us to involve you and your expertise.

We educate our clients about inbound marketing

inbound marketing is constantly changing and evolving. Through our blog content, newsletter, videos, products and constant communication with our clients, we aim to make staying up to date a breath.

We're also always available in case our customers have any question or doubt about what we do or preach.

We keep working until satisfactory levels of success have been reached

Unexpected things happen during the life of a project. No matter what agreement you have with us, if something goes unexpectedly wrong, we'll keep working on it until it's completely fixed and you've attained your objectives.

This way you can be confident that when you hire us, you get what you were promised. No matter what happens.​

We're abruptly honest with whoever we work with

While some agencies may think they know better by always agreeing with their clients to keep their contracts running longer, we don't. If when you hire us we believe something could be done better or more efficiently, we'll tell it to you as it is.

While this may sometimes be painful, it's a necessary step for your business to reach it's best self.

We grow with our clients

We're not going to lie, we're an ambitious bunch of people who want to do well in life. We also believe that the best way for us to do well is to help you do well and grow together.

That's why we're always seeking both your growth and your satisfaction. That's the only way for us to reach our own objectives.