4 Steps for Building Quality Links To Your Website

How to do guest posting and build quality links in 2014?

I am sure that you heard or read that “Guest posting is dead” and stop building links to your site because your site will be penalized and things like that. As I will show you in my post below this is not true. Links are still the strongest signal for Google about the importance of our content and website. So, if you're working to increase search visibility, links need to be a primary consideration when you plan your content marketing strategy.

In this post I will show you how we managed to get links for our clients from authoritative and prominent sites like the Business Insider, lifehacker.com and many similar ones.

1. Collecting Possible Target Sites

First and most important thing is to find good quality sites that are relevant to your niche, authoritative and that are willing to give backlinks. Before the latest Google algorithm change everyone was looking for guest-posting sites that offered bloggers to publish their blog post for free and get text links from the body of the content or from the author bio. But now the game has changed and you have to put a lot more time into it if you want to build “safe links” to your site.

Bloggers and marketers took advantage of this and used Advanced Queries like:

  • your niche or keyword “write for us”
  • your niche or keyword “guest post”
  • your niche or keyword “become a contributor”

Advanced query list: 10000 Search Engine Queries for your Link Building Campaign

These are still working but if you want to get the real deal then you have to dig a bit deeper. Big sites like Business Insider usually don’t have a write for us page.

So how to find these opportunities?

BuzzSumo for Link Opportunities

BuzzSumo does a great job on finding good quality guest posting opportunities and since it’s totally free I highly recommend you to check it out. So let’s say you have a website that is dealing with hair care products. You just have to search for “hair care” (or other keyword variations), choose the Guest Post option and search.


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Checking Your Competitors’ Backlink Profiles:

Another great tip is to use Ahrefs to check your competitors’ backlink profiles and filter them down by Domain Authority (Domain Authority represents Moz's best prediction for how a website will perform in search engine rankings) and Pagerank (this requires manual check or you can use a bulk DA/PR checker tool). Once you have a list of domains that are good quality you can send them your outreach email.

2. Outreaching Your Target List

Once you have your target site collection, the most important thing is to manage and create your outreach email that will not end-up in the spam folder.

What to put in my outreach email?

Believe it or not, how you write your outreach email is VERY important. This will make your outreach process fail or succeed. If you can offer something to the blogger that will be beneficial for his / her website then you will have a better chance to get responses.

Outreach E-mail Do's

  • Use blogger's name
  • Pitch at least 3 different headlines
  • Show previous guest-posts
  • Offer something valuable besides your article: social promotion, custom image etc.
  • Use signature with your social media accounts

Outreach E-mail Don'ts

  • Don't mention that you are outreaching for a link
  • Don't show low quality previous posts
  • Don't mass outreach to your email list

We have an awesome template of outreach that we use in order to get the best results of our outreach emails.

* Growth Pulse Outreach Email Template That Converts *

Send out the emails and wait for the results!

You can send out your emails manually one by one customized for each of your target site or you can use BuzzStream if you have a long (200+) site list and you want to do a mass outreach. You should check it out, they have a free trial plan and it saves a bunch of time for you.
  • Tip 1. Make sure you customize your outreach email a little bit every single time you send it out. Use the site owner’s name or talk about how much you loved one of their previous blog post. A personal touch will help.
  • Tip 2. Don’t send out your outreach emails on Friday, people don’t want to deal with your blog posts when the weekend is around the corner. 🙂 The best days to send out your emails are Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday.

I don’t receive any response... Now what?

Well you know sometimes you win sometimes you lose, but if you send out a reminder it can increase your chances. Maybe they just overlooked your message or it really ended-up in their spam folder. So what I suggest to you is to write something like this to them:


I don't know if I'm going to your spam or what, but I've tried several ways to get a hold of you. I don't quite see the point in having contact forms or your email address on your sites if you're not going to respond.

Anyway, I hope you're just missing my messages and I get through eventually.

Thanks for your time,

[Your Name ]

It works really well believe me, you make them feel that they did something wrong and you will receive a message from them very soon saying their apologies.

3. Getting Top Quality Links

Once you have a bit of an experience and you have a couple of better quality links under your name then you can try the big league. You can use your previously earned links as signals of trust and show that you are not a newbie.

The process is pretty much the same as build links on low quality sites but the angle is totally different. You still have to outreach of course but the quality of your outreach email, your article headlines, your examples etc. need to be much better quality and now you can target those sites that are basically not looking for only articles but searching for awesome writers in their niche! Of course you need to have a good article that you want to link to. Please don’t place a link (in your guest article) that will point to a sales page or home page, it just doesn’t make sense and it’s too promotional (and they will reject your article because of this not because of the quality of your guest article).

E-mail Outreach Tips

  • Tip 1. Show your previously posted article in their niche and make them feel that you are an expert in that field.
  • Tip 2. Do some social promotion for your previous articles. If the target site owner see that your post went viral and has lots of comments and social signals they are willing to give you a space on their blog for your article. Who doesn’t want to have awesome content on their site that has lots of shares right?
  • Tip 3. Make sure you have your profile picture attached to the email and have your social media site links at your signature. This is a small thing but it shows that you are a real person with real goals.

4. Keep Up The Relationship 

Many times people overlook this step, but I can't emphasize how important is this. Building good relationships with other fellow bloggers will help you grow your website in the long-term. Don’t just take them as a link! Take them as partners and helpful assets for your business. Share your latest articles with them in the future and probably they will share it with their followers as well.

What to do next? Summary:

  • Collect target sites that you want to get links from
  • Write your outreach email
  • Outreach
  • Send out your content
  • Keep up the relationship

The most important thing is when you want to build quality links is that you offer something that has lots of value and quality. Your previous example posts, your outreach email, your headlines plays an important role when you want to approach quality sites. Now let's start to outreach the big players in your niche and get those links into your pocket!

If you have any questions about the process please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below and we are more than happy to help you.

About the Author

This post was written by David Kovacs who is a young entrepreneur and an inbound marketing, social media enthusiast from Hungary and loves to share his tips and tricks on various channels.

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