3 Legit Strategies for Promoting Content in Social Media Cost Effectively

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At Growth Pulse we do a lot of client work that involves promoting content in various social media channels. Social traffic is great because you can get tons of eyeballs on your content very quickly resulting lots of new links in the long run, and if you combine this with the social signals that you can leverage for ranking in search it’s little wonder that social media avenues are becoming core campaign elements for many content marketers.

more and more businesses use social media

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So in this post I’ll share with you a few promotion strategies that have been working really well for our clients, without stretching resources too thin.

​Before We Start

Some of the examples that I’m going to show are geared towards a certain industry such as health & fitness or law,  but you can totally achieve similar results if your client is in a different niche, as long as your content is quality and worth sharing.

Note: Before you spend time on outlining and executing your promotion strategy, you need to ask yourself: Would I share this piece of content myself?

If the answer to the above is no, your content marketing efforts will be wasted on a piece that nobody will want to share, and you will have a very difficult time explaining to your client why your campaign hasn’t been delivering.

Checklist before you promote:

  • Content is geared towards your audience. Look at social conversations in Quora or Yahoo Answers for ideas before you create content.
  • Formatted for visual appeal and readability. Don't slack on this one! Check out Gael's post on why you should pay attention to this.
  • Have CTAs that connect your content to your sales funnel. I won't go into detail about CTAs but Hubspot breaks it down nicely for you.

So without further ado, let’s jump into the sweet stuff!

Tiered niche account building on Facebook

Your client will likely have a Facebook Page (if not, you should be reading this to see if you fit the description). However, you are definitely going to be facing difficulties getting traction as people seem to be much less willing to share self-promotional content. Take the following two examples:

  • “Hey, this is my content and I’m sharing it with you all!”
  • “Hey, this is some cool stuff that I found on their Facebook page, and I’m sharing it with you all!”

See the difference in the approach? Which one is more likely to be shared?

So instead of using your client’s Facebook page as the only avenue to promote content, how about setting up a few new Facebook Pages around topics related to your client’s industry?

For example, if your client is a dental practice you will be creating a Facebook page for something like “Celebrity Smiles”, if your client is a law firm specializing in workplace compensation, you will be creating a page around “employment horror stories”.

Doing so will allow you to share stuff that you would otherwise not be able to post on your client’s Facebook Page, such as memes, funny stuff, interesting competitor research, you get the idea.

Once you start seeing some traction on these niche Facebook Pages, you will start including your client’s content in the posting schedule to leverage your engaged user base, without any scent of being overly promotional.

A similar approach can be taken with Pinterest, and Gael from Authority Hacker has written an excellent post about that, so if your client’s industry is female oriented and your content has decent images, I highly suggest checking out his post.

Facebook Groups Conversations

Facebook Groups might sound like a fairly obvious choice for promoting your content, there are a few caveats that you should consider before spamming them with links. As you probably know you can easily get booted from a Facebook Group if you spam it, and since your Facebook Group membership is tied to a Facebook account you will have to go through quite a hassle to be able to use that Facebook Group again.

So do this instead:

1. Join a Facebook Group relevant to your client’s niche.

Let’s say that our client is a lawyer and has a successful law practice going. I would join this Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Legaltalk/. It has almost 10,000 members who all get a Facebook notification when you post a message in the group.

Note: Check the About section of the Facebook Group, it can tell you how to tailor the tone of your approach. In this example, I see this:

Here we talk about Legal matters which you are faced with and how to deal with it. We believe that all members here are like family, and reach out to one another in their fight for Justice. “

This tells me that I can freely post a status update about any legal issues I’m facing and can ask for input from 10,000 people about how to deal with a certain legal situation.

2. ​Post a Question

So my next step is posting a question to the Group about a legal issue. See, you don’t necessarily have to have a legal issue, as we are only doing this to get people talking about my issue, on my own post.

Pro Tip: To get an idea of what to ask, check out sites like Quora.com or Yahoo Answers for related topics. In this example this Quora topic gives me lots of ideas: http://www.quora.com/Legal-Issues

3. Observe

Now that you popped the question, you should be getting responses and comments almost every second - remember, this group has close to 10,000 members that get notified about your post instantly! And what’s really cool is that people will be responding to you AND each other under your post, escalating the conversation to the point where it looks a bit like this:​

See what I did there?facebook conversation on my post

With this approach I not only managed to get close to 90 likes on my client’s content, I also got people to return to the post even weeks after! This screenshot shows Facebook traffic to a post that I promoted on a Facebook group of 500 people:

google analytics screenshot of social media traffic

While these numbers might not look like much, if you publish content regularly referral traffic will add up in the long run!

Seeding Third Party Infographics​

You don’t need to spend money on infographics in order to leverage the power of Pinterest as a referral traffic driving vehicle. All you need to do is the following:​

  • Brainstorm some ideas for a roundup-style post, let’s say that our client is in the health niche and the idea for our blog post is “10 infographics we liked in 2013 about the importance of healthy eating”
  • You create the post and embed each infographic. Make sure you properly credit the source with a link!
  • Find related Pinterest group boards (I found Boarddeck to be great for this) to pin all 10 infographics in your post. Make sure you don’t spam a group board with the same infographic as it will look spammy and you can easily get banned from group board, or even Pinterest altogether.
  • With this approach, you are basically multiplying your Pinterest efforts by the power of 10, as you aren’t only seeding one image, but 10 infographics at the same time.​

Pro Tip: Make sure to outreach to the people that created the infographics and tell them that you mentioned them in your post - they will most likely be grateful and might also share the post in their social accounts!

Closing Thoughts

As you see you don't need huge budgets and a lot of time to put into promoting your piece. What you need to understand is that your promoted piece should be appealing to your audience both in terms of substance and presentation, otherwise your seeding efforts will be money out the window, and you will be left with an unhappy client.

I hope you guys like these three quick tips, drop a comment below if you have any thoughts to add, or if you had success with similar promotion methods - we would love to hear it!

Until next time!

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